Eco Harmony Development Corporation
Sustainable DevelopmentĀ and Vacation Rental Properties in the Blue Ridge

Eco Harmony Development Corporation, a North Carolina Based Corporation, was  formed to identify and acquire properties throughout the Blue Ridge Highlands Region of Virginia and North Carolina that merit protection from excessive development and to maintain the unique rural characteristics and natural beauty of the land.   In addition, we will promote understanding and appreciation of what the region has to offer and champion low-impact development.  Our goal is to preempt the traditional high-intensity development community and to create low-intensity, multi-acre "Homesteads" in harmony with nature.

Eco Harmony Development currently has nearly 50 acres of property in the Grayson Highlands area of Grayson County in Whitetop, Virginia.  The property can be subdivided, with restrictions, with  access to conservation common areas. Financing is available for qualified buyers.  If you would like information on this property,  please send an email to the address below, follow the links in this site or call us at 704-965-8763.

In addition to the property being offered for sale, Eco Harmony has an exclusive Timber Frame Vacation Rental with over 2500 square feet of living area on three levels.  The property offers spectacular views and premium amenities and sleeps up to 13 people.  Please visit the Lily Ridge Cabin Website at 
or contact us at 704-965-8783 for availability. 

Our mission is to build an inventory of "Conservation Easements" adjacent to each "Homestead" for the use of property owners and future generations.

Eco Harmony Development will:

* Promote and live by the concept of low-impact development
* Maintain the natural beauty and features of each property
* Maintain the rural character and history of the region
* Restrict development intensity, building envelopes, grading and construction methods
* Promote the use of environmentally sustainable and natural construction materials
* Promote sustainable Power/HVAC systems
* Preserve natural features through conservation easements and common areas
* Promote the development of small communities connected, yet individually secluded, with access to the charms of rural life and the activities associated with the eco-tourism industry.